2008 Cardio Tennis Feeding Shootout: Are You Ready?

The Cardio Tennis feeding shootout is off and running again for 2008! The shootout provides a great way for Tennis Professionals to demonstrate their feeding skills and have a chance to win prizes.

The feeding shootout rules are as follows:

  • Must be a current member of the PTR or USPTA
  • Shoot out competitors have 60 seconds to get has many feeds into the correct target areas
  • Each competitor is given 6 practice feeds
  • Prior to starting, each competitor must not be holding any balls or have their hands on the ball cart
  • Competitors must feed from behind the designated line
  • Competitors must go in sequence from right to left trying hit the correct targets
  • If a ball hits the target boundries (i.e. target line), it is good
  • If a target is missed, you just continuing feeding to the next target
  • The winner of the competition is the competitor with the highest total of feeds hitting the correct targets
  • In the event of a tie, a playoff will occur

At this year’s 2008 PTR Symposium, we had 24 participants and the winner, Catalin Chira, finished with a score of 47 and was awarded a $400 cash prize. The runner-up was given a 2009 PTR Symposium pass.

The USTPA will be hosting Cardio Tennis Feeding shootout events at their divisional conferences with prizes awarded for first and second place. The winners of each event will be provided an opportunity to compete in the Cardio Tennis Feeding shootout finals at the 2008 USPTA World Conference on Tennis. This event will be held September 15-18 2008, at the La Quinta Resort and Club, in La Quinta California. The winner of the finals will receive $500 and the runner-up will receive $200.

Now is the time to start preparing for the 2008 USPTA Cardio Tennis Feeding shootout by downloading the 2008 court configuration from here on partners.cardiotennis.com.

Here is a picture of National Cardio Tennis Speaker Team member David Robinson standing on a court set up for the 2008 Cardio Tennis feeding shootout:

So get out there and start practicing and perhaps you can become this years USPTA National Cardio Tennis Feeding champion!

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